Advanced Centrifuge Services is an Alberta based company owned and managed by Ken Layton who has over 35 years of drilling experience. Ken has worked as a drilling consultant throughout western Canada and through his experience he has developed a " Drilling Fluid Waste Management System". The system incorporates infield management services in combination with specifically engineered centrifuge equipment designed to perform effectively to -40 during drilling operations.


About Us

Advanced Centrifuge Services provides experienced infield management and the equipment to ensure that drilling fluids are being processed properly and so that end hole cleanup costs are reduced. Identifying and correcting drilling waste management patterns during the drilling process is key to significantly reduced clean-up costs.

The Advanced Centrifuge Services "Drilling Fluid Waste Management System" gives our clients the ability to take control of cleanup costs during the drilling process. We specialize in multi-well winter and summer drilling programs where cleanup costs have to be kept under control.