OUr Solution

Our drilling fluid waste management system incorporates experienced infield technicians and the equipment to ensure that drilling fluids are being processed properly so that end hole cleanup costs are reduced.

Our infield technicians are there to: 

  • Rig in equipment properly.
  • Pressure test rig mud tank.
  • Train onsite personnel how to run equipment correctly & safely.
  • Supervise and monitor drilling fluid waste practices:
    • During drilling operations:
      • Monitor centrifuge operations:
        • To ensure centrifuge is producing dry solids.
        • To ensure drilling fluid mud weight.
      • Monitor fluid volumes on location.
      • To ensure daily equipment maintenance.
      • To ensure timely equipment repairs.
      • Prevent excessive water wasting.
      • Recognize and change improper mud mixing practices.
      • Recognize opportunities to turn drilling fluid waste into savings.
    • While running casing & cementing:
      • Monitor vacuum truck / solids pit operations.
      • Monitor waste cement disposal procedures.
      • Provide end hole drilling fluid separation and management.
    • Through out the hole:
      • Provide fluid pit volume management.
      • Provide solids pit waste management.
      • Provide daily project waste measurement reporting.