"To whom it may concern:

This letter is concerning a piece of equipment that I had the experience of using for 7 months on wells in the Parkland area in the past year. I found that the (Advanced Centrifuge Services) tank/centrifuge to work very efficiently; the design of the equipment was very operator friendly and easy to maintain. This design is well suited to conserving water for drilling holes that have medium to long water floc sections. This floc system cut the hours on the water & VAC trucks substantially. When the water section of the well was done, the centrifuge very easily kept the mud weight in the desired drilling parameters. Overall I was impressed with the design of this equipment and would recommend the equipment and company, Advanced Centrifuge Services for their project." – Yours truly, Ron Veres, Consultant

"We used Advanced Centrifuge Services' Tank on three wells that we drilled in the summer of '06. We were very pleased with the way the tank performed and found that it met all our needs on the floc water drilling section of the well. It performed very well in maintaining our desired mud weight after we mudded up. Ken and his team came out to the rig and explained all of the day-to-day uses of the tank. Our derrick hands were very impressed on how well it worked and the simplicity of how it ran. We would recommend it to anyone drilling wells with floc water." – Gord Hillier, Rig Manager, Lakota Drilling Rig #9

"The centrifuge floc tank worked very well on the project and the rig crews had no problem keeping it working. We are looking forward to using this tank again if it is available at that time." – Felix Kriaski, Central Alberta Drilling Coordinator, Encana

"Best system I have ever seen! Would recommend the system without hesitation." – Wayne Hrehorets, Rig Manager, Tri-City

"Very good – one of the better systems I have seen on the market." – Greg LaMarsh, Consultant

"Worked fine – great system, reduces water consumption, which is very beneficial!" – Bryan Larsen, Southern Alberta Drilling Coordinator, Encana

"Awesome product, never experienced a problem with the equipment. Awesome application!" – Doug Shea, Consultant